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We Specialize In Neurodiversity

We really get autism, ADHD, giftedness, learning disabilities, divergent minds, high sensitivity and intensity.


We are a neuroaffirming practice. Let us help you accomplish your goals, experience well-being, exuberance for life and empowerment.


We serve adults, children, teens, parents, couples, families and groups. You are not alone.

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With the right support, you can…

• Gain Insight and Understanding
• Learn Emotional Regulation
• Improve Your Relationships
• Alleviate Stress and Anxiety

Our Services

Photo of psychologist conducting an assessment with a client

Assessment Services

Our assessment process is tailored to each individual to help bring clarity to a complex …

An image of a child smiling looking happy and holding a large stuffed animal, with a background of grass and sandy paths.

Therapy for Children

Does your child worry too much, appear sad all the time, have angry outbursts, reactivity…

Photo of two teenagers

Therapy for Teens

The teenage years can be extra challenging or overwhelming. This is especially true if…

Photo of woman with arms raised in triumph and happiness standing in a meadow with trees in the background

Therapy for Adults

Are you experiencing anxiety, depression, disconnection or exitential…

Image of happy smiling couple


Do you feel like a roommate instead of a romantic partner? The stress of life, parenting… 

Photo of family sitting together on a couch

Family Therapy

Discord in the home can impact the entire family. Your gut instincts tell you something must…

Photo of family on a bed

Parent Support

Parenting is no piece of cake. Most parents wish their children came with a parenting manual…

Photo of a dad and three kids playing outdoors with water buckets.


Co-parenting support helps to create greater stability, build and maintain bonds, and…

Photo of homeschooling child with mom as teacher

Education Support

We really get the learning differences in neurodivergent populations…

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We provide professional consultation on matters pertaining to neurodivergence…

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Single Sessions

Sometimes you want just a single session to address an immediate concern, or to get…

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Speaking engagements, professional consultation, and help professionals in…

Photo of group therapy.

Therapy Groups

Our groups for kids, teens, adults, and parents include topics like existential…

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Social Groups

We offer RPG social groups for kids, teens, adults, and parents online and in-office…

Screenshot taken of the Lobby of TheraThrive Minecraft Server

Minecraft Server

Our whitelisted survival Minecraft server is for those who want to play in a community based…

We really get what it’s like to be neurodivergent

We Specialize in Neurodiversity

At TheraThrive, you are our VIP

We specialize in neurodiversity, which includes autism, ADHD, giftedness, learning disabilities and more. We support highly sensitive and intense children, teens and adults. We are also experienced in testing, assessment, and treating anxiety, depression, and just about everything else.

We help with people who are dealing with a variety of challenges, such as existential depression, generalized anxiety, OCD, sleep problems, emotional reactivity, transition concerns, problematic behaviors, addiction, need for self-understanding, parenting stress, anger issues, overwhelm, work stress, relationship concerns, and more.

We Provide Specialized Support

We are a team of neurodivergent and neurodivergent affirming clinicians specializing in serving neurodivergent people of all ages, and their families and communities. 

We view therapy as a path to healing, and a path that promotes mental health fitness. It can be holistic, and often the healing occurs deep within. As you grow in personal insight, aspects of who you are become clearer and easier to understand.

Therapy is a discovery process of finding the meaning you have been looking for. It is about personal growth and opening in awareness.

For children, therapy can be a time to be fully heard and accepted, a time and place to play, create, and heal, a space to process memories, thoughts and feelings, and to learn new skills.

Our assessment process is tailored to each individual to help bring clarity to a complex presentation. Assessment can be for adults or children, ages 5 and up, depending upon the needs and situation.

At TheraThrive, we offer counseling, consultation, social groups, and assessment for neurodivergent children, teens, adults, couples, parents, and families.

There is no time like now to thrive.



Access the best possible support

Find Your Therapist

Each of our professionals offers a unique style and approach, and we all specialize in helping neurodivergent clients.

Katie Malone

Katie Malone


Clinical Director

Chelsie Crilly

Chelsie Crilly


Licensed Therapist

Arielle Rabby-Chia

Arielle Rabby-Chia


Senior Associate Therapist & Associate Assessor

Lydia Wang Koerner

Lydia Wang Koerner


Associate Therapist

Hilary Litterick

Hilary Litterick


Associate Therapist

Heather Hanford

Heather Hanford


Associate Therapist

Michael Sacco

Michael Sacco


Associate Therapist

Randy Yates

Randy Yates


Licensed Assessor

Allie Miller

Allie Miller


Minecraft Super Admin

Grace Malonai

Grace Malonai



Live Your Life and Thrive In It

photo of a hand holding leaf to symbolize our mission and values

Our Mission, Vision and Values

We are a neuroaffirming practice that specializes in serving neurodivergent clients. Our mission is to help members of all of our communities, local and broad, with the things that are truly important to thrive, both in their own lives and in their relationships, to grow in self-understanding, to promote community awareness, and to make wellness a down to earth practice.

Our vision is to serve neurodivergent individuals, their families and their friends, with top notch care, such that they are understood, supported and can thrive. Our secondary vision is to eliminate mental health stigma by creating awareness of, appreciation for, and acceptance of mental health self care.

Our values include the following:

  1. Serve Neurodivergent Populations:
    We specialize in serving neurodivergent populations. We believe in life-long learning to grow in specific skills that will benefit and best… Read More >

We really love helping people. And our clients can tell when they come in for their sessions.

It’s easy to schedule your first appointment! Existing clients, for follow up appointments please contact your therapist at 888-777-2915.

Our Offices

We hope to see you!

We offer services in-office (in Lafayette, CA and Toluca Lake/Burbank, CA) and also online, in order to best support our communities.

We provide ongoing therapy for adults, kids, and teens, group therapy, social groups, testing and assessment services, and also single session appointments, which are sort of like drop-in appointments, for those who only want to meet just one to three times. It’s easy to schedule an appointment.

We especially like to share our perspective and ideas on things that matter to neurodivergent people.

Our Blog

Eating Disorders

Eating Disorders

Eating Disorders Eating disorders are often seen in neurodivergent populations. At Therathrive, our therapists are skilled at both assessment and treatment of eating disorders, with special understanding about the differences in the underlying reasons for disordered...