Meet Our Team

Picture of Katie Malone, LPCC, LMFT, who is Assistant Clinical Director At TheraThrive

Clinical Director

Katie Malone, LPCC, LMFT


Katie is a kind, interactive and strength-based clinician and team leader who provides psychotherapy and assessment services to those seeking to learn more about themselves and improve their outlook on life; Katie is experienced at assessing and treating a spectrum of challenges and disorders.  Learn more about Katie >

Photo of Randy Yates, LEP, assessor at TheraThrive specializing in neurodivergent assessment, autism, ADHD, learning disabilities

Licensed Assessor

Randy Yates, LEP


Randy is a seasoned therapuetic assessor and Licensed Educational Psychologist, who places great value on the contextual information gained from clients and the meaningful people in their lives. Randy  interprets test results holisitcally…  Learn more about Randy >

image of Chelsie Crilly AMFT a Senior Associate Therapist at TheraThrive

Senior Associate Therapist

Chelsie Crilly, AMFT


Chelsie is a firm believer that healing occurs through authentic, compassionate, and safe relationships. They work with children, teens and adults, and build connections in a fun, artistic and meaningful manner. Chelsie integrate core principles of trauma-informed care and approach each client as resilient, creative, and strong. Chelsie is committed to recognizing clients’ pain while simultaneously holding hope for their future.  Learn more about Chelsie >

picture of Arielle Rabby-Chia, APCC, AMFT, Associate Therapist at TheraThrive, wearing a white and light blue striped shirt.

Senior Associate Therapist & Associate Assessor

Arielle Rabby-Chia, APCC, AMFT


Arielle is an integrative therapist who utilizes evidence-based treatment and creative modalities during therapy. She strives to support children, teens and adults with an individualized plan to help them thrive.  Learn more about Arielle >
Photo of Lydia Wang Koerner, AMFT, Associate Therapist at TheraThrive

Associate Therapist

Lydia Wang Koerner, AMFT


Lydia is a neurodiversity-affirming therapist who is devoted to improving the quality of life for neurodivergent individuals and their families. Working together, she will explore with you and embrace all facets of this uniquely human experience of being neuro-atypical, its exceptional gifts, and real-life challenges. Lydia provides therapy in both English and Mandarin Chinese.  Learn more about Lydia >
Michael Sacco, APCC, therapist at TheraThrive

Associate Therapist

Michael Sacco, APCC


Michael is a warm therapist who works collaboratively to help clients, no matter their age, to feel seen, heard, and valued in their therapy work. Michael’s style includes narrative therapy and play therapy modalities.  Learn more about Michael >
Photo of Heather Hanford, AMFT, associate therapist at TheraThrive

Associate Therapist

Heather Hanford, AMFT


Heather approaches therapy with curiosity and creativity, emphasizing the therapeutic relationship from an eclectic clinical perspective. By combining aspects of relational, emotion-focused, person-centered, and strength-based perspectives, Heather provides a non-judgemental and validating space, especially designed to support and embrace the neurodivergent mind. Learn more about Heather >

Headshot photo of Hilary Litterick, AMFT, an Associate Assessor at TheraThrive

Associate Therapist

Hilary, AMFT


Hilary works with children, teens, and adults, and enjoys bringing creativity and curiosity into the therapeutic process. Hilary supports her clients by ensuring they feel heard and creating a non-judgmental, trusting environment, while also using evidence based treatment and trauma informed care. Learn more about Hilary >

Allie, SuperAdmin at TheraThrive

Minecraft Super Admin

Allie Miller, AA


Allie Miller is a skilled social group facilitator, a seasoned parkour instructor, and an experienced, kind, neuro-affirming, and innovative Minecraft server Super Admin.  Learn more about Allie >

Photo of Dr Grace Malonai TheraThrive's founder and Director

Director, Founder

Grace Malonai, PhD, LPCC


Dr. Grace has focused on learning about neurodivergence with the gusto of a highly educated, information-seeking momma bear (that’s a lot of gusto). Over 25 years of this study has allowed her to successfully assist many neurodivergent children, teens, adults, and families.  Learn more about Dr. Grace >