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School, Education, and Homeschool Support

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TheraThrive offers school, education and homeschool support.

Our consultants really get the learning differences in the neurodivergent populations, including the differences in children who are autistic, have ADHD, have specific learning disabilities, are gifted and/or are  twice-exceptional (2e), where they are both gifted and have another diffence, such as a specific learning disorder like Dyslexia (as classified in the DSM IV-TR). School, education and/or homeschool support can include attending school meetings, IEP and 504 Plan support, personalized curriculum plans, tutor referrals,  and other resources.

School and Education Support

Many parents, teachers and school administrators do not understand neurodivergent difference and neuroatypical development, including particular traits and challenges and how these challenges might look in the classroom, and how to support a neurodivergent child who also has learning differences.

Our goal is to support you such that your child has a school and educational experience that promotes growth, learning and well-being. We support parents, teachers and school administrators to understand the unique learning, social and emotional differences of your neurodivergent and/or highly sensitive child or teen.

We tailor our support to your specific needs. For example, we might offer information about neurodiversity and high sensitivity, we might provide assessment testing and/or help with understanding of school or other assessment results, or we might offer teachers insight and a few tools for managing classroom behaviors, or whatever the situation calls for.

Depending on the need, we might speak with a teacher over the phone, write a report or a bulleted list of recommendations, meet with school staff or join a parent conference, observe the child in the classroom and playground, or attend an Individualized Education Plan meeting (IEP) or 504 Plan meeting.


Homeschool Support

Parenting neurodivergent children is usually no piece of cake, and many families decide to homeschool because their intense and highly sensitive children may have been misunderstood at school, or just simply do not fit into an educational system that focuses on standards and norms that just do not match up.

Neurodivergent homeschoolers are a rising population in the United States, and as a result there are greater pools for resources and community support. As homeschooling becomes more mainstream, option for parents have increased, and since homeschooling is completely customizable by nature, it is a great solution for many families whose children do not quite fit into the traditional educational system.

At TheraThrive, we get the challenges of meeting a neurodivergent child’s academic needs, and we have over a decade of homeschooling experience to support you with homeschooling your amazing child. We understand that being in charge of your child’s education can be daunting to think about, yet we also know that there is an active and supportive homeschooling community filled with dedicated and caring parents, likely including more like-minded peers than your child may have experienced in a typical school setting.

Let us help you to:

  • Determine if homeschooling is a right choice for your family
  • Explore the many homeschool options available
  • Get started with homeschooling, including support with the required documents
  • Prepare for college, including transcript support
  • Explain homeschooling to your family
  • Return to traditional school after homeschooling
  • Manage homeschool while working full-time (or part-time)
  • Understand how your child’s neurodivergent differences (and/or high sensitivity and/or sensory issues, such as SPD) may impact your educational decisions
  • Learn how to meet your child’s social and emotional needs while homeschooling
  • Manage particular challenges, such as anxiety, distractability, task refusal, or other challenges that may come up while homeschooling
  • Get the support you need, because homeschooling can sometimes be both exhilarating and challenging for parents and families