Therapy for Teens

Now is the time to thrive

Therapy Offers A Space To Tackle Challenges

The teenage years can be extra challenging or overwhelming. This is especially true for teens who are neurodivergent, have asynchronous development, and/or are highly sensitive.

Depression, overwhelm, anxiety, anger and obstinacy can be common challenges. For many, it’s hard enough to get through the demands of daily life, let alone get to know who you are and how you fit in.

In therapy, teens are able to express themselves in a safe environment while they learn about themselves and how they fit in and relate with the world, learn empathy, and practice self-management techniques and successful and healthy ways to communicate.


Help is available now!

Don’t hesitate—call us today. We have been providing therapy services to children, teens and their families since 1998, and we are human development specialists, having taught college and graduate level courses in human develop and family relationships for many years.

Image of teenager smiling and facing forward.

We also have a successful track record of positive outcomes with working with teens, and we we very much enjoy teen therapy. We offer a free phone consultation, and we would love to hear from you!i