Games Group for Teens
Collage photo of parts from three different board games, including Better Me game.

A Discussion Therapy Group

Games Group For Neurodivergent Teens

Are you a neurodivergent teen seeking a fun and engaging way to connect with others, learn more about yourself, and develop more social connections? Join our unique Neurodivergent Gaming Group, where games become a tool for self-exploration and building meaningful relationships.

Step into a World of Fun with Our Gaming Groups for Neurodivergent Teens!

Why Choose Our Neurodivergent Gaming Group?

Fun, Learning, and Understanding:
Games offer an exciting platform to have a blast while engaging in conversations that matter. Laugh, strategize, and learn about yourself and your peers through the joy of gameplay.
Discover Your Authentic Self:
Delve into thought-provoking themes within the games, such as identity, aspirations, and personal responsibility. Explore facets of your unique neurodivergent identity in a supportive and inclusive space.
Navigate Life’s Ups and Downs through Gaming:
Learn to regulate emotions, cope with frustration, perfectionism, or disappointment, and adapt to changing conditions—life skills mirrored in the dynamics of games.

Foster Empathy and Acceptance:
Our groups honor non-conformity and encourage empathy. Through gaming, we cultivate a deeper understanding of diverse perspectives, fostering a sense of community and acceptance.

Exercise a Spectrum of Skills:
From quick wit to strategic thinking, every game scenario challenges different strengths and evokes varied skills. Gain rehearsal for diverse ways of interacting, enhancing your adaptability and social agility.

Embark on this highly experiential gaming adventure, where every game is a chance to uncover new insights and sharpen life skills. Join our Neurodivergent Gaming Group and let the games begin!

Contact us today to secure your spot and immerse yourself in a world of laughter, learning, and connections with peers who understand you. Level up your life through the magic of gaming!

Note: this group is currently on pause.