Art Therapy Group for Kids
Photo of child's hand drawing with crayons

A Social Group Your Kids Will Look Forward to

A Social Skills Group Art Adventure!

Unlock Your Child’s Creative Potential with Art Therapy for Kids

At TheraThrive, we’re thrilled to introduce an art-based social skills art group tailored for the vibrant young members of the neurodivergent community!

Join us for an artistic journey that fosters connections, fuels creativity, and harnesses the power of art to express and connect with others.

Why Choose Our Art Therapy Social Skills Group?

Creative Expression & Connection:
Delve into the wonderful world of art to communicate thoughts, emotions, and ideas. Our group provides a nurturing space for kids to express themselves and connect with peers through creativity.

Foster New Friendships:
Engage in collaborative art projects that encourage teamwork and mutual understanding. Watch as friendships blossom in our supportive and inclusive environment.

Dynamic Artistic Creations:
Explore a variety of art styles, materials, and themes during our interactive sessions. Let your child’s imagination run wild as they create captivating artwork that speaks volumes about their unique ideas and perspectives.
Guided Discussions on Key Themes:
Blend art with essential discussions on friendships, school, and connectivity. Our skilled therapists guide these conversations, providing valuable insights and promoting emotional growth.
Expert Guidance and Support:
Our experienced therapists are trained to nurture creativity and social development in children. With their guidance, your child will embark on an artistic journey of self-discovery and social enrichment.

Let your child flourish and thrive through the wonders of art and social connection! Join our Art Therapy Social Skills Group and watch their creativity blossom.

Contact us today to secure your child’s spot in this inspiring adventure. Let the canvas be the canvas of their dreams, painting a future filled with friendship and self-expression!

Photo of TheraThrive Art Social Skills Therapy Group Flyer