TheraThrive MC Rules

for TheraThriveMC

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Be kind.

This means:

  • Don’t do anything that you think or believe could cause somebody else to have a bad time.
  • No cyber-bullying.
  • Do not create builds that are designed with the intention to harass another person or disrupt another person’s workspace.
  • Do not create builds of any symbol, emblem, or shape that represents an intolerant group.
  • Do not make fun of another person or say things that are hurtful, such that another person feels like they have to leave or is discriminatory towards another person.
  • Do not steal.
  • Do not purposefully grief. This includes, do not destroy another person’s work, don’t make it difficult for another person to continue building, don’t add or remove blocks from someone else’s build.
  • Don’t kill someone else’s pet, villager or golem.
  • Please remember that people of different skill levels will be on this server.
  • If you find any constructed buildings please do not destroy them. They may be another person’s project.

Be communicative.

This means:

  • Keep trying to communicate to try to prevent misunderstandings.
  • Before doing something that will affect someone else, communicate with them, and also consider their wants and plans.

Be safe.

This means:

  • Be careful and safe with your personal information.
  • Don’t share your last name or city.
  • You can share your state, province, or country.
  • Never post your phone number, email address or IP address.
  • Do not share any personal information belonging to another person.

Be thoughtful to the server.

This means:

  • Build at least 200 blocks from the spawn area.
  • Ask before building within 100 blocks of another person’s build.
  • Do not have more than 50 entities together at a time. Do not use more than 50 hoppers, redstone clocks, or similar stuff at a time. This is to prevent excessive server lag.
  • Redstone clocks should not run continuously. If you need a redstone clock for your contraptions, make sure to add a lever that can turn it off.
  • Communicate with your neighbors if you are using AFK machines/AFK farms, and keep your farms small enough to avoid server lag. 
  • A build can consist of no more than 50 hoppers. Using more than 50 at a time can reduce the TPS and cause lag across the entire server.


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Explore server maps.

Easter Eggs

What Easter Eggs have you found?


Team up and learn from each other.

Play Minecraft!

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