Associate Therapist
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Associate Therapist

We’re seeking an Associate Therapist based at our office in Lafayette, CA. This position may start part-time and grow into full-time. This is a hybrid position, with some hours in-office and some hours online/remote work.

    We specifically train our associate therapists in supporting and helping neurodivergent populations of all ages, including children. As your skills grow, we support you to foster your unique therapeutic strengths, and will encourage you to further develop your skills in a niche(s) that compliment our mission of serving neurodivergent clients. APCCs will have a unique opportunity to choose to be trained in therapeutic psychological assessment (not required, yet super fun).


      • Part-time is 18-24 per week (15+ client hours, and 3+ admin)
      • Full-time is 30-40 hours per week (25+ client hours, and 5+ admin)


      Compensation is $50/hr for direct client service hours and $20 for administrative hours (admin time is typically for supervision meetings and other required meetings; most of the work hours should be direct client service hours).


      Part-time Associate Therapist Compensation Example:

      • 17 client hours and 3 admin hours per week x 50 weeks is $45,500 gross annually, plus sick time and 401K matching (subject to applicable state and federal withholdings)

      Full-time Associate Therapist Compensation Example:

      25 client hours and 5 admin hours per week x 50 weeks is $67,500 gross annually, plus health insurance benefits, life insurance benefit, paid time off (PTO), paid holidays, and 401K matching (subject to applicable state and federal withholdings)


      More About Employment

      For information on what TheraThrive provides to employees, please see our Employment Opportunities page.

      Requirements include

      • Current State of California Registration as an APCC, AMFT, and/or ACSW
      • An interest in working with clients of all ages (we serve mostly children/teens and also adults (young and older), couples, parents, and families)
      • Willingness to write a comprehensive website bio to help grow your recognition in the community
      • A keen interest in learning about neurodivergence, autism, ADHD, giftedness, high sensitivity, anxiety, OCD, and learning disabilities is essential
      • Neuraffirming
      • LGTBQIA+ ally
      • Sex positive
      • Top-notch psychotherapy skills
      • Ability and desire to work 18+ hours per week (part-time)
      • Ability to work at least 2 late afternoon/evenings per week and/or at least 2 hours one weekend day per week
      • Good technology skills (we use CounSol, Google Meet, and Google Workspace)

      A big plus if you have

      • Prior knowledge of neurodivergent populations, autism, ADHD, giftedness, highly sensitive populations, learning disabilities, etc.
      • Prior clinical experience with children
      • Particular experience/knowledge that will complement our mission of serving neurodiverse populations
      • Child therapy experience
      • Family therapy and/or parenting support experience